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You have been selected for the prestigious honor to tour our Wicca-pedia facility.  If you are not already aware (why would you be - you've been living your life as a muggle), Wicca-pedia is the Land of All Witches and our facility is used primarily for training purposes.  Think Hogwarts, but without the copyrights.

You have been selected for this evening of witchlesque and wizardry as the magical community believes that we may have space for you to join our exclusive organization.  As luck would have it, you are already at the portal to redirect you to the tour; HQ.  Sit tight and your tour will begin shortly.  Read below for your Tour Guide info as well as review the guidebook for tonight's outing.

Your Tour Guide: LINDA the "OK Witch of the Rockies"

Objective: Discover if you're a witch!  If you are one, which witch are you?  Are you a good witch or a bad witch?  Reference the guidebook below.


Wicca-pedia Executives

Warrior Wake Productions

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